The Windows desktop client allows for simple usage of ObfuSQF without having to interact with a commandline. You can download the desktop client here.

Please note that the desktop client requires atleast .NET Framework 4.5.1 to be installed on your computer. You can download .NET Framework 4.5.1 here.

1. Adding source folders

Once started, click on Add Source Folder to add new folders to create obfuscate PBOs from. The final obfuscated pbo will have the same name as the source folder.
You can add as many source folders as you want.

2. Defining options

Click on Options to open the options menu.
Here you can control what options will be used when obfuscating your PBOs. These settings are global and will apply to all currently selected source folders when obfuscating.
Click on Exit and save configuration to apply all changes.

3. Obfuscating

Click on Obfuscate to start creating obfuscated PBOs.
Each source folder will be transfered to our server where the obfuscation process will take place.
The process will upload each source folder and download the final result one at a time until all items have been processed.
The PBOs will be saved in the folders where the source folders are located at.

Key locking and private keys are used to limit who can use what PBO.

Once the PBO is obfuscated, it can only be used with the corresponding server mod loaded on the server. This server mod can be downloaded in the web-dashboard.

Image obfuscation describes the process of relocating images inside a PBO when obfuscating it. ObfuSQF will attempt to change any paths to the image file within the PBO.

Some mods/missionfiles however can procedually generate the paths to a image file. In this case, image obfuscation will not properly work.

This will work:

_imgPath = "\textures\vehicles\myskin.paa";
_basePath = "\textures\vehicles\";
_imgPath = _basePath + "myskin.paa";

This will not work:

_imgBasePath = "\textures\vehicles\myskin";
_imgPath = format ["%1_part1.paa", _imgBasePath];

Private variable obfuscation describes the process of obfuscating all private variables found in the PBO. Due to the fact that the names of variables will be changed, your scripts.txt is required (in case you are using it).
Make sure to set the path to your scripts.txt if you are using this option and you are using a scripts.txt on your ArmA server.

No. All mods and missionfiles are deleted from our filesystem the moment they are downloaded again through your client.
We cannot restore mods nor can we reverse the obfuscation process.

The current file size limt is 500MB.
This might change in the future.